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Our aim:   We aim to educate and empower you with knowledge about how you are being measured as a customer. Join us today to find out how you rate with banks, how you can avoid loan application rejection, and how to save money with a good credit history and score.

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06 Jun 2016   I   Credit Score I  Abhishek AgarwalIs it possible to have the perfect CIBIL score?

If you are a perfectionist of sorts, you probably have everything under perfect control at home and at work. But have you ever wondered whether or not your CIBIL score is perfect? If you are financially conscientious you are probably aware of the fact that anything above 750 is considered a satisfactory CIBIL score and opens up doors of lenders for you when you go seeking credit? But is it possible to strive for just a little more and achieve the perfect CIBIL score? Of course it is! All it will take is that extra bit of effort from your end.

23 May 2016   I   Credit ScoreCompleted your graduation? Here's how to build credit in your post-graduation years

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12 May 2016   I   Credit Report5 Myths Associated with the CIBIL Score

If you are one of those people who take their finances se... Read More »

27 Apr 2016   I   Credit ScoreDon't Sweat it. Easy Hacks to get a Healthy CIBIL score this Labor Day

There are no quick fixes to become credit healthy overnig... Read More »

18 Apr 2016   I   Credit ScoreDon't let your CIBIL score stand between you and your dream job

Next time you are appearing for a job interview be prepar... Read More...

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 I just found out that my credit card application was rejected. I inquired with the bank and they said my application was rejected because of CIBIL Score. Can you please help?

Yes, of course we can help you. But before I speak about your situation, I would need to look at your CIBIL Credit Report. However, you can take these four steps to improve your CIBIL S...


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Make sure that all deals and offers agreed upon are supported by relevant papers. You should always ask for a letter in a banks letter-head mentioning the likes of, exact rate of interests, processing fees, pre-payment charges along with interest-schedule.

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Dr. K. S. Sobhana

Dr. Sobhana, a Senior Scientist with Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, was having trouble with her auto loan because of her CIBIL report. She spoke to one of our Credit Experts and ...

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